1. 「Web System/Web Application Development」

    Binary system

    • Web System and web application
      development based on LAMP technology
    • Web system planning and design
    • System maintainence and operation
  2. Software Development and System Integration

    System screen

    • Business system development and
      fucntional improvement
    • Control system, video system and
      communicating system development
    • System integration
  3. Multilingual website creation

    Title bar

    • Multilingual website creation
    • Internet ad and wevsite promotion
      services - SEO/PPC/LPO and more
    • Web content planning, creation and maintenance services
  4. Localization and internationalization

    Flag of Japan and the United States

    • Software / website localization
      and internationalization
    • Offshore development support and
      bridge SE services
    • Translation service

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Why Choose Us, What are Our Advantages?

  • General companies
    • squareProvides full support to manage the system development project for the internet beginners of client companies
    • squareDevelops the highly qualified multilingual website and web applications for a fair price
  • SIer
    • squareHas the high technological skills of website creation and websystem development enough to meet your technological recruitment
    • squareHas 8-year good track record in development of web systems for global firms, foreign-affiliated and Japanese companies
  • Partner company
    • squareHas experiences to ensure the successful venture in cooperation with a business partner in other business fields, such as design company, trading firm and consulting cooperation
    • squareTakes a good look at your proposal of business with good prospects

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